Thursday, 30 December 2010

My thoughts on 7326 Rise of the Sphinx

This set looks cool. Some people have been complaining that its not accurate to the Sphinx but the part under the Sphinx is called the Temple of Anubis so it makes sense that the head was that of Anubis. Since that's the case it would have been better to include two Anubis Guards instead of two Mummy Warriors. Jake Raines is similar to the one scene in the Flying Mummy Attack except he doesn't have the helmet that he wore in that set. The car looks cool and quite well designed, I like that the engine is uncovered. The Sphinx looks quite good and seems to have a realistic amount of movement. The treasure this time is the Golden Sword which is placed inside the temple. I will do my final verdict when I get this set and review it. Please tell me what you think about this set and tell me if your going to get some of the sets in this theme.

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