Thursday, 30 December 2010

My thoughts on 7305 Scarab Attack

This set looks quite good for its size. The Scarab looks well designed with what appears to be printing on its body. Jake Raines looks like a cool minifigure except he comes in almost every set which makes him kinda boring. I would have preferred to have Prof. Archibald Hale instead but I guess that gives me even more reason to get the Scorpion Pyramid. The treasure that everyone wants is the golden crystal in this set, its the same piece that was often seen in Power Miners except this time its in gold which I think is a new colour for that piece. The camp site doesn't look the best but I will have to wait until I get this set to make a final verdict. Please tell me what you think about this set and tell me if your going to get some of the sets in this theme.

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